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Security Guard  *Valid BSIS Issued Guard Card*

Event Staff  *Guard Card Not Required*


Event Staff provides general support for events including ticket taking, ushering, guest services, and parking services. Their role requires good judgment, flexibility, strong attention to Branch Manager, Event Staff Supervisor and Event Manager directives, strong observation skills and vigilance.


The duties below reflect the minimum requirements for this position.

  • Follow all operating procedures and policies

  • Follow directives of Event Staff Supervisor and/or Event Manager for each event assigned

  • Effective interpersonal skills in order to deal with guests/public

  • Serves as a greeter for each event assigned

  • Have good math skills in order to provide ticket counts, summary reports, and other inventory reporting of guest admissions

  • Professionally assist guests with determining seat location, escort guests to seat locations if required

  • Familiarity with the information and facilities located at each venue where they are posted

  • Serve where needed or as support to other tasked team members at each event

  • Coordinate with facility staff as appropriate

  • Communicate with event staff and supervisor(s)

  • Observe and report matters of concern to the Field Supervisor and complete incident report forms on the same

  • Notify police, fire department or emergency medical services of problems if requested or otherwise warranted

  • Utilize two-way radio including safeguard of such radio or other issued equipment

  • Provide break relief when scheduled to other event staff including briefing such Event Staff upon their return

  • Must be willing to work evenings and weekends

  • Must be willing to travel to off-site meetings, trainings and events


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